Sunday, April 27, 2014

For the Love of Lucy

I have "met" many, many of the most wonderful people imaginable through adoption. It all started in my Reece's Rainbow Russia group. Those gals were an endless wealth of information, advice, and support during our Russian adoption. Since the ban, we have grown even closer. Nobody understands the heartache like these fellow mamas. I love them like sisters!

Several of these dear friends of mine have gone on to adopt from different countries. A few of them got their kids around the same time we went to China, a few are getting closer to travel, and a few just started the process. Although I know many, many people in the process of adopting that are in need of funding, these would-be Russian mamas are the most dear to my heart because they, like me, all lost about $30,000 because of the Russian adoption ban. $30,000 is so, so much money! Like us, many of them had been successful in their initial fundraising. Everything changed after the ban, though. It's impossible to go to the same people who gave so generously to your adoption and tell them, "Well, we still don't have a child, but can we have more money to go get a different child??" It just doesn't work well. Fundraising for a second adoption after a failed first adoption has been brutal for all of us.

There's one specific friend I'd like to highlight for this post. Her name is Tanna. When I first "met" her online, she donated to our iPad giveaway. Not only was she in the middle of an adoption herself, but even my real life family and friends hadn't donated to that silly giveaway! She didn't know me, but wanted to support me nonetheless. She works hard as a nurse and gives generously to others. She's getting close to traveling (she'll most likely be leaving the first of July!) and is still about $7,000 short on funds. Sweet Tanna has done everything she can to raise money for this adoption. She spent $38,000 on her Russian adoption trying to make sweet Lucy part of her family. All the expenses but travel had been paid before the ban. Lucy has Down syndrome and needs a family desperately. My friend loves Lucy so much it hurts and would give anything to have her be part of their family. We share so many of the same emotions. Tanna has been such a sweet support to me through the loss of Dasha and Cooper. She organized and ran an auction to help pay for ECHR costs, got a group gift together after Cooper's death, and prayed relentlessly for Milo as he wasn't gaining weight prior to us getting him. I have been able to message Tanna my worries and concerns, and she always has a way to calm me down. She says the sweetest things and I love her so much!

Tanna and her husband fell in love with a boy in China. I fell in love with this boy as well. You can't read about him, watch video of him, and hear from people who've met him without knowing he is something special.
Jay is a sweet, darling boy who always has a smile on his face. He loves to have fun and has many friends. Jay is seven and has been begging for a family. Jay has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair, but he doesn't let his disability slow him down. Not only does Tanna have to raise money for his adoption, but she also needs to pay for modifications to her home to allow Jay to live comfortably there. 
Tanna currently has a t-shirt fundraiser going on. Her family designed the shirt by themselves, and I think it's darling! They have youth, adult, and adult plus sizes. Please consider buying one by clicking here! If you're not interested in buying a t-shirt, would you consider donating to their Reece's Rainbow account? Every penny counts! $5, $10, $100, whatever you can give to help this amazing boy make it home would be so, so appreciated!! To read about their decision to adopt Jay, click here! Thank you! I know any donation would be a blessing to this sweet family!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, going to head on over to support them right now!