Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birthday Boy!!

Today was Milo's second birthday, but first birthday at home! We had such a great day celebrating with him! About a year ago we saw the cutest picture from Little Flower of a tiny newborn Milo in a Very Hungry Caterpillar knit outfit.
I knew then that would be the theme of his first birthday at home! 


 Don't ask me why I took the picture before all the food was out ^ ?

 Remember Kelsey from this post in June? She for sure got an invite! Love that cute girl! She was very surprised at how heavy Milo was and how big he's grown since then!


Milo showing off his new tricks!

 He's recently fascinated by the dog, and the feeling is mutual. The dog won't leave him alone! They're so cute together!

All ready for bed! He turned into a very tired caterpillar after such a fun day!
We love you, Milo Yang! It has been one of the greatest pleasures of our lives to watch you go from a very hungry, tiny little caterpillar to a beautiful, thriving butterfly!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Milo on the Move

Oh, this kid!
This picture is the night of his sixth month gotchaversary, and he's wearing the pajamas we put him in the first night we got him. I could barely squeeze him in! He's such a darling little ham when he wants to be!
We have had such a fun fall so far! With the kids back in school, we've had a lot of Milo and Mommy time. I thought he would be bored without kids to play with (and sometimes he is), but he also eats up all the one on one attention! He's still learning and growing like crazy!
 He is eating soft foods like a champ now and is even starting to chew!!
 He's a much more adventurous eater than he used to be!
 He's getting really good at his funny little army crawl,
 and he's starting to stand up 100x more than he used to!
 If I stand him up by the couch, he will hold on and stay there for a bit!
 I am SO, SO proud of this accomplishment!! He, for the longest time, refused to put bear any weight on his legs. He does it all the time now!
 Oh, you silly boy!! We just adore you!
 Last week he started treadmill training with Early Intervention.
 You help him stand while a tiny little treadmill helps move his legs.
 He didn't know what to think of it at first, but by the end of our first session he was getting the hang of moving his legs! I'm excited to see how he progresses with this!
The best part of our fall has been a much anticipated trip to Disney World!! We have had it planned for over a year, and we could not wait!
 Milo is the easiest baby on earth. He sleeps when he's tired,
 plays when he's happy,
 has a real affinity for giving kisses and hugs,
 loves to giggle and be silly (especially with his daddy!!),
 and specializes in just being cute.
 Milo enjoyed Disney World and Universal Studios! He LOVED all the rides, and even slept pretty well in the hotel (which he normally does not do).
He tolerated The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while his brother and sisters explored and performed spells,
and he had a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa! 

 He met lots of princesses in Cinderella's castle,
 and I think it's fair to say he already has a favorite.
 It wasn't Cinderella or Snow White,
 not Sleeping Beauty or Ariel.
 When Jasmine came up, though...
 ding ding ding!! We have a winner!
The most magical moment I've ever had in a Disney park happened when we took Milo on Small World.
 You never know how he's going to react. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed and overstimulated and kind of shuts down.
 Not on Small World, though! He was 100% engaged and intrigued by the whole thing!
 He watched every single room and scene intently. He was SO happy! I literally cried for the joy of it!

 All our minions and Gru ;)
 Minion Milo meets minion.
 Milo was really into patting his head.
 So cute!

 I was surprised by how many things Milo really and truly loved at Disney World. I am so happy about it, because we're a Disney loving family!
Milo just hanging out at a family Halloween party.

We got family pictures taken last week. They are definitely not my most favorite ever, but they'll do for now.

 Such a handsome stud!!
Milo's newest trick is to army crawl over to the dog bed and climb on top! All by himself!!
 It's not my most favorite place for him to play, but he is SO proud of himself!
 He'll sit up there and smile at us and I just laugh!
 Silly, crazy, determined little boy! I'm SO happy we finally have a toddler!!
Fairly predictable, but the kids dressed in their Chinese silks for Halloween. This is Milo with his 100 wishes quilt. No, I didn't make it. I cheated and ordered it from a lady in Beijing.
 He looked so handsome!
 We had a great Halloween! Milo was confused about walking around in the dark, but he ended up having fun!
Life's a party with these four!