Friday, May 22, 2015

Milo in Spring

I realized a few days ago that I haven't done a Milo update since mid-March! Long overdue! We've had a crazy busy few months, and have had such fun! We had a great St. Patrick's Day, and we all enjoyed being together this year! Last year half of the family was in China. We had our Consulate Appointment right on the 17th a year ago. We made sure to have a good time to make up for being apart last year!

The leprechaun came to visit, turned the house green, hid some money, and even turned breakfast and dinner green! Silly leprechaun! 
 Easter came, and we had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had FOUR egg hunts! Here's Milo with his dad searching for treasure at Grandma and Grandpa's!
 He struck gold!

 Good thing big sister was around to cuddle and warm him up!
 The sweet relationship these two have is the absolute best. They really adore each other.

 Easter morning! The Easter bunny left Milo some prizes!

 We had Easter brunch and celebrated Quin's birthday at my parent's house. Milo can't get enough of his daddy. Nobody can get this kid laughing like Dad!

 Fun with bubbles!

We even got to go visit the baby animals over spring break! 
 I think Milo was less than impressed.
 Easter finest! Not a good picture in the bunch, but oh well. 

 My handsome Easter dude!
The Tickle Daddy strikes again! 

I love this face. So, so much. 

 And this one. Oh, Milo! You are such a joy!

On Easter weekend last year I started making Milo's crazy formula. This year on Easter weekend, Milo started getting enough calories from eating solid foods and no longer wanted the bottle. I can hardly believe it! This is a HUGE step! He is eating everything these days! The homemade formula was amazing and changed Milo's life for the better. It was also, honestly, kind of a pain to make, but it was so good for him! I will always be grateful for the "sludge" and what a change it made for Milo's health, but I certainly don't miss making it every day!!!
 ^ More spring break fun at Jungle Jim's! Big Brother's taking good care of Little Man!
 Milo got a baby walker from physical therapy! How cute is this!?!? He isn't great at using it to walk on his own yet, but it was the first inanimate object he started pulling to stand on all by himself! This has opened a whole new world for Milo! He can get into trouble faster than I can blink these days, and pulls to stand on everything and anything!
We also had a sleep study a few weekends ago. No fun. Don't ask me how they expect kids to sleep like this, because I honestly don't know the answer. After several hours of tossing and turning and getting tangled in chords countless times, Milo was finally tired enough to let me rock him to sleep. After he was asleep, he slept like a champ, and we learned a lot about this boy's complex airway. It looks like a nasty surgery is in our near future. The ol' tonsils need to come out, airway stretched, and Esophageal Stenosis repaired. The sleep study doc was amazed at how well this guy's done with how compromised his airway is. The biggest problem is how much effort and energy it takes him to breathe. He has to pull with each breath, and the doctor is concerned that this will cause long-term damage if we don't repair it while he's still young. 
One interesting theory is that he's pulling so hard he's causing reflux. This could be a reason he wakes crying like crazy in the night sometimes. They will need to do a scope while he's in surgery to see if damage has already been done from reflux. Even though this surgery sounds awful (because it is), we are also thankful that Milo is receiving the medical attention he needs.
Milo also had his one year evaluation for Early Intervention. That means his whole team got to come to our house! Such fun! His physical therapist, occupational therapist, service coordinator, and special educator all in one room! Oh, the love I have for these ladies!!!
Milo was awarded a scholarship through Early Intervention to attend a music class once a week for 10 weeks. It has been so fun and Milo REALLY loves it! He's so dang cute! He bounces to the rhythm, plays the instruments,and crawls around socializing (which he normally does NOT do! He's actually quite shy and shuts down in front of strangers). It has been fun to see this carry over to home life as well. This bottom picture is a dance party we were having a few days ago. He was laughing his head off and bouncing to the beat all on his own! Music has always been and continues to be this boy's love language!
My favorite thing Milo does lately is his fake cry. The fake cry serves several purposes. One is to let us know when he is unhappy with things (like a real cry minus the real). I respond immediately when he does this, because this is a huge step! It means that Milo understands his needs will be met! I can't help it, though, I think the fake cry is hilarious. So even while I'm meeting whatever need it might be, I still have to turn my head and giggle. The next reason Milo fake cries is to get a laugh from us. And we do. Every time. You can tell it's a fake cry when he smiles during it. This is the best ever. He was playing with his big brother the other day, and I pulled out my phone to record it. Please do your best to ignore my insane laugh. I know it's beyond obnoxious, but I just can't help myself. It really makes me laugh!

And here's more of these silly brothers playing.
 Some days it feels like we are making no progress, then other days I look at my boy with wonder and awe at how far he's come. He has obviously mastered the fake cry to get what he needs, can drink from a sippy cup all on his own, climbs on EVERYTHING he possibly can, has a scratchy belly laugh that could make the grumpiest among us crack a smile, loves his mama and dada best of all, and can out-eat any two year old I've ever seen! Keep up the good work, Buddy! We love you!