Monday, March 21, 2016

A Special Day for a Special Boy

We had the chance to take Ewan to the Salt Lake Temple to be sealed to us on January 9th, 2016 (click here to find out more about LDS temple sealings). We waited 6+ months to take him so he could understand more what was going on.

We didn't know how he'd respond, but he loved it! Usually there aren't children in the temple, and it's a very sacred, reverent experience. This time was definitely sacred, but not so reverent. Ewan came running into the room yelling, "Mama! Baba!" He gave us huge hugs and then went around the room yelling everyone's names and hugging them. Though it wasn't the usual reverence we're all used to, it definitely brought the spirit regardless. He was so sweet and we were all reminded of what the reunion in heaven will be like! After the sealing we took a few pictures, but it was freezing! If you remember from Milo's sealing, our whole family gets to go into the temple. We wear white, and took pictures of us in our white clothes to remember this special day!

Oh, Ewan!

Practicing his penguin walk. Such a silly boy! 
We love you, Ewan Tang! There's nothing we want more than to be with you forever!!

Monday, February 8, 2016


We got a trip to Disneyland for Christmas since we are living with my parents and have no room for toys. We gave the kids tickets to the park, and my parents gave us all airline tickets. We went mid-January, and it was perfect timing! It gave us a break from the snow and something to look forward to after the rush of the holidays was over.

Ewan had been looking forward to going to "Mickey Mouse's House" for a whole month. He could not wait! Since we had actually taken Ewan to Hong Kong Disneyland (see this post to read about our HK Disney disaster!), I felt like I had a pretty good idea about how our trip would go. Ewan would hate the rides, but love the characters. Well, I was right about one thing. He LOVED the characters. It was way too cute! GOOFY!!! Ewan really loves Mickey and his pals and could not wait to meet them! Goofy was the first character we saw (after arriving early and getting our Disability Assistance Passes!)
 Everyone else in our party wanted to run to Space Mountain, but Ewan spotted Mickey and that was that. I stayed with the three littles and we waited in line for Mickey. Ewan was absolutely furious with me for making him wait in line. He wanted to meet Mickey, and he wanted to meet him NOW! When it was finally our turn, I was overwhelmed with autograph books, Milo, and Ewan. I could not hold Milo, so he stayed in his stroller. Mickey signed all three of their books, then gave an excited Mei Mei and Ewan big hugs. Really, so darling.
 Ewan was beyond excited to hug Mickey!
 So fun!!! It was 100% magic!
 Well, as one could imagine, Mickey's line got really long really fast. Mickey's handler started telling people in line behind us that Mickey would only be there for a few minutes and to consider coming back at his next scheduled visit. This always creates a bit of a panic, and I knew there was no way I could get everything that was in my hands back into the stroller to get Milo out. I was wrangling Mei Mei and Ewan, and looked up to find Mickey Mouse on his knees playing with Ewan. I about died! It was the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen!
 A very busy, very in demand Mickey took time to connect with my boy.
 There I was, 20 minutes into our Disney experience, crying.
 Disney, you already had me as a fan for life. This was just over the top!!

 Bye, Mickey! WE LOVE YOU!!
 I wanted to go meet up with the rest of our party, but Ewan spotted Daisy. She too was leaving, but she took the time to hug the kids as well. So special!
 I know this picture is lousy, but she's giving Milo a kiss. So stinkin' cute!
 We had a really wonderful first day at Disney. Ewan went on Buzz Blasters, Nemo, Small World, saw the Tiki Room and also saw the parade AND the light parade and fireworks! This is Ewan and Quin playing Star Wars while we waited for the parade to start.

 My parade buddy!

Waiting for the parade. Such a pretty time of day!

The parade was a HUGE hit for Ewan. He clapped, cheered, danced, waved, and blew kisses through the whole thing! We headed straight over to Small World after the parade. It was still all done up for the holidays. I sure love it with all the lights!
 While the big kids were on Thunder Mountain Railroad, I took my littles on the carousel all by myself. It was not easy to get everyone buckled and stand by Ewan and Milo PLUS get pictures! I was quite proud of myself!

 Disney day one was the best. Day two we went to California Adventure and after the Toy Story Mania ride (which Ewan quickly became obsessed with), we met BUZZ!! Ewan was so, so excited!!

 Ewan making a silly face at lunch. I just love this kid. He has the time of his life everywhere he goes and no matter what he's doing, so imagine that joy at Disneyland! It's like the happiest place on earth x10! He waved to every single person he passed. He clapped and cheered for every ride, every marching band, every train that passed. He absolutely soaked up the happiness and then spread it to everyone he came in contact with. I will never forget how much fun I had there with him!!!
 Cousins at California Adventure!
 Waiting outside Tower of Terror. Only one little five year old out of our kid bunch likes that ride. It's my favorite, though, so everyone waited while the adults and the five year old took turns.
 Carousel part II. This time Quin was with me, which made it all much easier!

 We had another amazing day on day two. Ewan's favorite rides were Radiator Springs Racers and Toy Story Mania. I thought Radiator Springs Racers would scare him, but he had a blast! He laughed the whole time and even had his hands in the air! So fun!!
On our third day in California, we swam at our rental house. All. Day. The kids got in at about 10:00 am and didn't get out until we dragged them from the pool at 6:00 pm. Ewan had a lifejacket on and really was comfortable swimming all over! It was a blast!
Day four we headed to California Adventure again. We were so happy to meet Sofia!
 Then Elsa and Anna. Ewan has never seen Frozen, so I didn't think he'd care. Oh, boy. He LOVED them! Look at him holding Elsa's hand!
 Then he wanted to hug her and surprised us all by planting a big kiss on her cheek! Hahaha!
 He marched right over to Anna and did the same thing. He's really the cutest.
 And Jake!
 Ewan went on every ride he could and loved them all. I was shocked. Shocked! What happened to my scared, motion sick boy? He didn't exist at Disneyland!
Day five was our last day and back to Disneyland we went! We had a great morning at the character breakfast.

 Fairy Godmother.

 Winnie the Pooh!!! Ewan didn't know who Winnie the Pooh was before our trip, but he fell in love and has begged to watch Winnie the Pooh every day since.

 Minnie Mouse! Can you see how Ewan is lovingly looking at her? Melt my heart!

 Captain Hook teasing our guy.
 Fives from Dale.
 Tigger! Milo's cracking me up in this. He is a man on the move and does not like to be held anymore. So funny!
 The first few days, my brother and his family joined us. Of course I forgot to take a group picture when they were there. Ugh! This is us, my parents, and my other brother and his fiancĂ©. We had the best trip!!
 Tiana. Ewan was really enamored by her and didn't want to leave her side after we took the picture. We learned this trip that he likes pretty ladies. Haha!
 Chip and Dale's treehouse. We also toured Mickey's, Minnie's, Donald's, and Goofie's houses. "SO AWESOME!" as Ewan would say.
 On our final Disney day, Ewan went on every single ride he was tall enough to go on and loved every single one of them. The faster and scarier the more he liked it! He blew me away. He loved every second of Disneyland and I can't wait to go back!
One of my favorite moments of our last day was meeting Jesse from Toy Story. We saw her right as she walked up and ran over to meet her. I only had my phone with me, so I took lots of pictures with it. She was absolutely darling with Ewan and hugged and kissed him for the longest time. I got the greatest photos of them! I also took pictures on the rides and lots of video from the parades, etc. Then guess what? About a week and a half after we got home, my car was broken into while I was at a viewing. Someone shattered my window and took my purse, wallet, and phone. It has been pretty devastating, and the worst thing they took is the pictures from my phone. I am so, so, so sad.
Anyway, our Disney trip was the best ever. We made some incredible memories. Ewan had to have surgery on February 1st, so it was a quick jolt back to reality. Today is Chinese New Year, and Ewan loved watching the celebrations on CCTV while eating noodles. It's his birthday tomorrow, so he and Quin, Geh Geh, and my dad all went to the Harlem Globetrotters tonight. He, of course, had a blast. I just love this kid and I can't wait to celebrate him tomorrow for his birthday!