Monday, May 5, 2014

Pulmonologist, Early Intervention, and ENT, Oh My!

We've been keeping busy with appointments as you can tell from the title of this post! Early Intervention has been WAY exciting to start! We are loving learning how to help Milo reach some developmental milestones! He's doing awesome too, by the way! The last few weeks have really changed this dude. He's sleeping like a champ (only waking once a night at most to eat), napping well, and has started to really engage in life! He's making amazing eye contact, learning to eat better, and loves to explore the world around him! He's so dang fun!

Another thing that's changed is we're now making our own formula!! I have heard this idea floating around in some adoption facebook groups, and we decided to try it. Everything on the market for kids Milo's age that aren't eating solid foods are full of man made garbage and chemicals.  The Pediasure he was drinking has tons of sugar in it, and we never gave it to him as a long-term solution. I knew I needed to find another food source, so as soon as I could pull my life together enough, I asked! What we found seems to be working beautifully! We have a nutritional sheet of what he needs to be getting each day, and this formula meets all his needs. In it is homemade "bone broth", or chicken stock as it's otherwise known, banana, molasses, flax seed oil, fish oil, goats milk, coconut milk, hardboiled egg yolk, and baby rice cereal or oatmeal. He eats it like a champ and I'm overjoyed to be feeding him something organic and healthy! At his pulmonology appointment he weighted 15.1 pounds. He's gained nearly 3 pounds since gotcha day!! I'm so proud of this boy!

Everything looks good with his tubes and adenoids, his pulmonology appointment went well, and we've now been referred to a pediatric ENT that specializes in complex airways. We have an appointment with him in a few weeks. We know there are more problems going on in his little airway, it's just apparently difficult to diagnose! We have a sleep study set up, but they're completely booked out until mid-August. Until then, Milo is still doing great with his oxygen while sleeping.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to!
Here we are dying Easter Eggs. Milo was having fun watching!
Easter morning! We were running late to church and really didn't get a decent picture. Sad! The Easter bunny brought Milo a fun swing for the backyard. He sure loves swinging in it!
More from Easter. Milo wasn't feeling well. His nose is sore and red and he had weird red spots on his face. Poor dude!
He was SO congested. His breathing sounded awful!
The week after Easter. Little dude was feeling much better!
He REALLY loves sweet potatoes. He also REALLY loves making a mess with sweet potatoes ;)
One of the highlights of the past few weeks was Milo's blessing at church yesterday. It was so special! He also looked really cute! I love this little guy so much!!

That's about it for us! We're just plugging away at the doctor's appointments, having fun, learning, and growing like a weed!


  1. I happened upon your page via the Reece's Rainbow Facebook. I'm a prayer warrior since I don't have the means to adopt. I just love what you are doing & Milo looks great. (my littlest is named Milo too!) I am sorry to hear about Cooper. I know that he knows you are his soul family & will be waiting or you in Heaven! God bless!