Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One Year!!

I can't believe it, but it's been a year since Ewan came running into our lives. I can't believe it because it feels like we were just in China. I also can't believe it because it feels like Ewan's been in our family forever. I know I haven't blogged in a long while, but life has been such a whirlwind these past few months. I was going to just post a picture or two, but I actually had been making a folder of pictures I wanted to post on the blog, so here we go! Lots-o-pics!
This is Ewan on his first day as a Sunbeam in church clear back in January. He was so excited!

 Ewan had a minor surgery done on February 1st. He's such a trooper!

 Ewan woke up in the night to use the bathroom, turned the water on and couldn't get it off. This, in turn, flooded the house and ruined my parents' wood floor, bathroom floor, vanity, and it leaked into the basement ruining the flooring, ceiling, light fixtures, etc. down there as well. Awesome. They're so glad we stayed with them for six months. Yarg!!
 Happy Chinese New Year! Ewan celebrated by watching the Chinese celebration whilst eating noodles. He LOVED it!!

 Another big event for Ewan was his first birthday home!
 On his actual birthday, he had a Mickey Mouse coffee cake for breakfast,

 went bowling,

 had cupcakes,

 and opened presents.
To celebrate with cousins, he had another party with presents,
(including a Kylo Ren costume)
Did a Curious George PiƱata,
 had cupcakes, and went swimming. It's fair to say that Ewan is a big fan of his birthday. Every time he sees a cake, candles, or balloons, he's 100% certain it's his birthday and we have to sing to him. In fact, he's been convinced it's his birthday pretty much every single day since his actual birthday. Hilarious!
 Ewan had to go have a sleep study done the night of his party. Keep the party going into the night I guess. 

 Silly boy! Luckily everything looked great in the sleep study!
 My dapper little Valentine.

 My sweet Milo is due his own post. Soon...I hope. Love this little man!

I registered Ewan for school on the first day after winter break. By the first of March when he still didn't have an IEP and wasn't in school, I started to become livid. We got in a huge fight with the school district about many things. The most frustrating is their clear lack of ability and willingness to really push for the Individual in the Individual Education Plan. We FINALLY had our IEP meeting after lots and lots of exhausting testing.
 So here he is on the first day of school! It was St. Patrick's Day. Ewan could not have been more excited! And after a rough first few days, it's gone pretty well. He continues to love it, even though I'm still not. He was able to be mainstreamed half day with the kindergartners, so that's progress. Especially considering how the principal initially responded when we said that's what we wanted. Anyway, I could write forever about the broken school system, but it's summer, so I'm not going to. Haha! I'm going to enjoy the sunshine and swimming and deal with school woes in the fall.
 Ewan's first Easter!
 It's just a shame this boy doesn't have any personality ;)

 Easter best.

We finally got to go to the beach. Something Ewan saw on a tv show and has been asking to visit every day since. The beach surpassed all expectations, even given the level of anticipation he had.
 And while we were in Newport, we couldn't not visit Disneyland again!

 Plus the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Univeral, so yeah...

 And while we were there, we made a quick stop at California Adventure as well.

 But the most memorable was the beach. Always the beach.
 We went with friends and ended with cousins.
 And grandparents.
And my brother's wedding.
 And Sea World. Before I saw Blackfish. Now that I've seen it, I guess this was our one and done Sea World trip for Ewan. He sure loved it, though!

 Ewan has a magical way of connecting with animals. It's amazing.

 We had a glorious 11 day California vacation, then back to reality. Ewan had a cardio follow-up and I was so nervous! Guess what!? His residual hole has completely closed. His heart has healed. The doctor got teary and told me it was a miracle. He's totally fine and doesn't need to be seen again for another year. Yes, he really is our miracle boy. 
And he sure does love the beach. Even if it's just in his imagination.
Summer so far has been full of swimming, cousins, grandparents, late nights, laughter, and so much fun!!
I wanted to end this post with a side-by-side of the day we got Ewan and a picture I took a few weeks ago. One year apart. Leaving all he ever knew, getting to know his new family, open heart surgery, moving in with my parents, starting school, moving back to our house, several vacations, learning a new language, learning how to be in a family, learning, learning, learning. It was a year of great growth, both physically and emotionally. Ewan continues to amaze everyone who meets him. He's brilliant, he's friendly, he's hilarious, he's the life of the party. He's mischievous and curious. Bold and brave. He's got an unmatched zest for life and a way of finding the magical in the mundane. He's pure and genuine. He loves big, he laughs much, he forgives quickly, he apologizes genuinely. He is feisty and gentle, playful and kind. He is an amazing little human and we are truly the luckiest family that he joined us. I love him from the bottom of my heart and don't know what I ever did without him. Happy family day, Ewan Tang!